War Spore, Part I / Analysis

By PersiReborn
09/23/2022 - 02:09:15

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
You, the bounty hunter Clade Corr, arrive on the Sciborne homeworld of Draconia to meet up with Spore Squad and the Galactic Forces. Something terrible is going down, you are sure of it.
Win message:
This isn't a victory. Although you opposed Spode, you didn't stop him. But you're still alive, and the war is just beginning...
Lose message:
You failed. This world will be lost forever without Spore Squad, and no one will survive what's to come...
ACT 1 :   Answer the Call
You have been summoned to enter the Galactic Forces Headquarters and meet with the leader of the Forces, Director Valkor. Reunite with Spore Squad and add them to your crew!
ACT 2 :   Council of Dragons
It was revealed the planet Draconia is plagued with strange anomalies, potentially connected to the Maxis themselves. Meet with the Sciborne High Council in the city of Drakar to learn more.
ACT 3 :   He Who Watches
You receive further info on the anomalies happening on Draconia. A lead has been found in the forest behind the city. You must investigate and discover who is behind all this!
ACT 4 :   Long Live Grox
You have come face-to-face with a mysterious being, only to be transported away back to headquarters... where the Grox attack! Defeat the Grox fleet and make sure the Galactic Forces are safe!
ACT 5 :   The Staff of Life
Dr. Ogalob has betrayed you, and is conspiring with Spode! Speak to Director Valkor to learn more about the stolen Genesis Device...
ACT 6 :   Payday
You found your way into Dr. Ogalob's lab, but now must face the Grox once more, and their leader, the Prime.
ACT 7 :   Counterpoint
A rogue Galactic Forces walker is attacking Drakar City! Defend the Sciborne from Dr. Ogalob's last laugh before it's too late!
ACT 8 :   The King of Stars
Your friends suddenly disappeared. The whole city is in ruins. You defended the city... why is everyone else dead?

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