zorbex stealth mission / Analysis

By ConquerCat
09/25/2022 - 15:37:13

Type: No genre adventure
Rating: -0.58 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
your at the planet moltar in the a4 18 solar system home of the zorbex you need to destroy there new ship but there are eyes everywhere so be stealthy
Win message:
you are on your way to the party and the break you and your crew deseve. bonus points if all crew members lived
Lose message:
you died the cloning tech can bring you back as a new captain
ACT 1 :   stealth mission
there are zorbex watching from above from the huge eye we have to turn it of for that we need the captains keycard so get the suprise attack
ACT 2 :   now
now we turn off the eye qiuck to the controls
ACT 3 :   to shut it down
shut down the miners then they can't finish the new ship
ACT 4 :   oh no
"'atention all zorbex, there are 4 men running around sabataging our ship we have 1000 zorbs for whoever finds them"' this is bad we must fight our way out
ACT 5 :   safe
we won an ally ship will be here soon there will be a feast and a promotion
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