Grave of the Mountain King / Analysis

By Nofblocks
09/27/2022 - 04:09:53

Type: Quest adventure
Rating: 1.25 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
It's cold and its windy; this is your introduce to Balzenar, a frozen planet. It is here that a mining community has called you in for assistance within the caverns below...
Win message:
With the Ruby Relic given to the Mining Community, your task here is done and you recieve an ample pay for your work! Hurrah!
Lose message:
Be careful now! The caverns are not entirely safe to dwell in, and only the foolish would tarry for too long...
ACT 1 :   Into the Caverns...
Take a plunge into the caverns and escape those horrid, hostile winds! The thriving mining community should be down below, and the overseer should be waiting for you.
ACT 2 :   Further into the caverns...
Beyond the gates of the mining camp lay cold swathes of rock and pockets of chilling air. Best of luck to you in your search.
ACT 3 :   Lost Encampment and Icy Barriers
The crystals nearby have made travelling further into the caverns harder - perhaps the ruins of the nearby mining encampment could assist in breaking that glacial buildup...
ACT 4 :   Further still into the caverns..
With the glacial buildup removed, you are now free to use the vents to progress further!
ACT 5 :   The Glacial Wall
Ahead, you recieve a beep on your communication device - a control panel is nearby, allowing you to reconnect with the main base!Although, there seems to be a glacial wall blocking you...
ACT 6 :   The UBER Robot!
Here comes the UBER robot! It may need some help breaking that wall, but it certainly can get it down!
ACT 7 :   Grave of the Mountain King
Here it is; among these treasures should be the Ruby Relic. Take it and bring it back to camp!
ACT 8 :   The Ruby Relic
Now that you have the Ruby Relic, return to camp and give it to the Overseer!
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