Shadow of the Reflacted / Analysis

By fungus3
09/27/2022 - 16:37:12

Type: Story adventure
Rating: -1 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
If Volta-35 is supposed to be a giant mobile thundercloud, then Atlov-53 is an electrically charged volcanic world. And conveniently, there are multiple Reflectiverse Portals!
Win message:
Find out what happens next time, when Frank crosses paths with yet another series protagonist!TO BE CONTINUED...
Lose message:
Beware Of Ion Storms.
ACT 1 :   

ACT 2 :   It Looks Like A Hub Of Some Sort
But anyway, try and find someone that might tell you where you are!
ACT 3 :   How To Use The Portal Nexus
With a useful hub of portals, not only will it be more convenient to get around, but also circumvent the danger of fighting through the Æthar!
ACT 4 :   Portal Preparations
The portal is open. It is time to head forward.
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