Night Patrol / Analysis

By HappyMasky
11/24/2022 - 04:13:39

Type: Attack adventure
Rating: 6.43 (Good)

Basic info
Intro message:
This colony is being raided by space criminals! Locate and stop them by any means necessary!
Win message:
Now the night is truly safe!
Lose message:
Looks like you got wrecked... but don't give up!
ACT 1 :   Not a nice welcoming...
Those guys don't seem to be up for something good!
ACT 2 :   Fiery situation!
Is that fire coming from the coast!?
ACT 3 :   Stop the fire!
There must be a source of water somewhere here!
ACT 4 :   

ACT 5 :   Do you hear that?
It appears to be coming from the other side of town.
ACT 6 :   Finding the hideout!
There are more bandits hidden in this town... where could they be?
ACT 7 :   A TRAP!
How original... all bad guys against me!
ACT 8 :   Captain 10 - Nameless villains 0
Another victory from yours truly!
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