Kelepo Ghoul 2 For BobEagle77
Not rated

By DizzyBiz
10/16/2009 - 14:29:58

Type: Creature
Rating: 0.05 (Not rated)
Tags: 2, dizzybiz, ghoul, kalepo


A thank you gift for one of my best Spore buddies!


DNA points
78 Bones2 Feet2 Hands
Diet: Carnivore
Health: +5
28 %
71.56 %
6 / 20
17 / 20
8 / 15

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By KasandraWredna

Good face and 'hair' :). That looks diffrent then your other creatures. But it's still very nice. :)

By astrohero1

Thanx for your ratings a comments! U know I do the very same thing. i forget to read it a comment anyway. Just to find what they described a i thought were two different things. So, I'm working on it also!

By astrohero1

I sure hope it stays that way for a bit! This really gets kinda old, U know! At least my work finally did get shared! Well I hope U run error free today! Thanx for those wonderful comments Diz.

By Seashell77

You're so very welcome, Diz! My pleasure!! :D

By chidog

Like those eyes, nice paint job on this creature!

By astrohero1

I think U were right! I went to the Forum a soooo many others R having the same issue. Seems it maybe is a server issue;AGAIN! I know I tryed evrything on my end. Pulling my hair out! I got to share!

By 73Dominator

Thanks for your help...this is my last question and i well leave you alone.How do you put creations in ur sporecast?

By Digi-P

Nice face.

By Vilageidiotx

Creepy ghoul! Very well made. R+

By Seashell77

Excellent creature, Diz!! GREAT job!! :D Love the details! R++

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