Appreciation Trophy

By tuinahvuni
10/29/2009 - 08:33:12

Type: House building
Rating: 25 (Good)
Tags: appreciation, bigfathalloweencontest, chidog, orion1004, prize, trophy, tuinahvuni, zombieater5150


Hey ,don?t ever say you didn?t win anything in the Big Fat Halloween Contest because you did! And here it is, the ?Look What I Won Trophy? given to everybody out there that took the time and effort to submit an incredible entry! Thank you from the bottom of our Bloody Halloween Hearts for all you did to make this contest a success! Load this to your profile and go ahead and boast about it because you earned it! (trophy designed by chidog).


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By arialiner

beautiful work. everything is so perfect.

By Dalmatious

this is awesome!!

By Fingawing

so who gets the Champion Trophy?

By Vultrio

Stay tuned this Halloween for the concluding part of my Halloween Special. 'The Dhjarma Inferno' continues from the events of 'Vultrio's House of Horror'. Your invited to play both.

By catscool

Thank you!

By tadpolejo

very nice tui!! thanks to you all,,,great contest :D

By bluesky681

thanks! great trophy! R++

By tuinahvuni

Just a note folks: These incredible trophies were made by awesome Chidog! Take a minute and go over and check out his page. Thanks!

By Hydro_Glyph

excellent trophy..

By Vultrio

Hey tuinahvuni, could I ask you for a favour? Could you and play my Vultrio's House of Horror's adventure. A couple people are saying they can't play it. I just need you to tell me if you can play it.

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