Ornament Template
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By MaxisCactus
11/20/2009 - 22:59:41

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.81 (Not rated)
Tags: challenge, ornament, template


Template to be used in the Ornament Speed Challenge here: http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/46358.page


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By XLFries

I'll try the template!

By PokemonMaster101

Please help boxboy55. He's struggling with getting subs.

By ClaireRedfield

And people with ONLY the Trail Version cannot have an account. Most people with just the Trial Creature Creator just get it so they can annoy us here.

By ClaireRedfield

What I mean is if someone wants to frame another user, and the new username is very close to the existing one, it shouldn't be allowed.

By ClaireRedfield

Question: The Flora editor has been discussed among many creators, including myself. Along with the bot parts that you can get without Dr. Pepper and the Aquatic stage additions that are being talked about, Maybe change the account rules a bit?

By poiuytpoiuyt

Hey MaxisCactus, can u plz play my adventure its called War for the Temple of Spode. And could u mayb even check out some of my creations to?

By cpelite

I like the new challenge. I've submitted my entry, but I cannot currently post it on the forum. So I decided to tell you that i've entered for round 1.

By MckConor

why was this uploaded in august when the contest ended last year

By MckConor

could you check out some of my creations

By chowdermonk

When will the bot parts be available NOT from soda??? Please respond, i really want the parts...

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