Sethan777 Mailbox
Very good!

By Sethan777
01/17/2010 - 18:51:00

Type: House building
Rating: 24 (Very good!)
Tags: gaprop, mailbox, sethan777


I finally made a mailbox! If you have time, take a look inside (editor) ;)


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By Duhplantman

I went into a trance trying to connect and I got lost in a place I knew well.

By kricki

Danke für Deine Kommentare !!!!!!! :o)

By QueenBeth

Thank you also for putting my houses and buildings on your SC.

By QueenBeth

You may make as many wishes as you want and may they all come true, and perhaps you will see wonderful things in the water as the priests once did.

By QueenBeth

Thank you for your kind comments once again!

By QueenBeth

When is your birthday so I can make you a cake? What kind of cake do you like?

By QueenBeth

Thank you for all of your comments, once again! Glad you had a nice visit with your friend.

By QueenBeth

Hello! How are you doing! I'm doing well. Finally got all old comments answered and now we begin again!

By QueenBeth

Hello! I'm well, hoping you are also. I thank you for all of your wonderful comments. It seems my system is not working well, as I have so many comments to answer by the weekend that I can barely get through them. Need a new system!

By Ivonne

Schau dir mal bitte meine neusten Kreas an. Ich danke dir.

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