By Parkaboy
02/14/2010 - 15:46:47

Type: Collect adventure
Rating: 15.57 (Good)
Tags: explosion, minigame, parkaboy, race, swim, swimming, water


Are you fast? Can you swim? How fast can you swim when a single wrong move could get you blasted into oblivion? If you enjoy racing, swimming and risking your life for no good reason, then Bombstroke? is the sport for you!



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By kj98316

Great job!! Thank god you haven't quit spore :)

By Morkx_The_Dark

Hello Guys, I was Wondering if you all could play My Adventures, This would be a Great Help, Thank You! :D

By TamerStar

Someone explain to me, how tf do you get this whole game done in three minutes lol? It's a really good game, though.

By Elizabeth10

Absolutely awesome!! :D I truly found genuine challenge out of this and enjoyed every second.

By julius2401


By Coureir

i always fail in the last lap :(

By Plussocram

great cool awesome. yep it's great.?

By flyerskt

this was fun i loved it

By madshark50

bombstroke is one of the top 10 adventures ever

By oakleyk1

HATE A world deviod is hands down, the most popular spore creation of all time!!!!

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