Fountain of Luck
Not rated

By Lemlend
03/02/2010 - 21:50:07

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 0.41 (Not rated)


A lost fountain believed to be made by the hands of the gods. The mere mention of its name causes many adventure hunters to quest for this fountain of fortune. Unfortunately, due to its name, they don't realize that this fountain actually brings bad luck! Featured on 3/17/10! Thanks Maxis!


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By Monkey0401

Rated up and downloaded. Beautiful job on the water!

By CloudyVision

Added to Featured Collection SC. Great job!

By noname117

i see you're a buddy of alex's

By swampmutt

Good job on the Feature!

By Jujubee11

Thank you!

By Jujubee11

This is so pretty.... How do all of you get your buildings to be so shiny???

By niusia

Cool! I like this fountain XD

By akilahanahid

beautiful fountain congrats and interesting description R+

By ShamgarBlade

HOWDY FEATURE NEIGHBOR! lol... i knew you would something featured!!! :))))))

By biosonic417

I thought it said 'Fountain of Youth'

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