Spacefighter! 1-3 Planning!
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By Homer-dude2
04/01/2010 - 15:45:45

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.26 (Not rated)
Tags: badge, combat, fight, fighter, ga, homer-dude2, mission, plan, planning, production, reward, space, spacefighter, spacefighter!, trophy, war, weapon


18.01.2011-Thanks maxis for the feature i really appreciate it :)
I am about to continue the Spacefighter! series,with the Adventure "Spacefighter! 1-3" GA,and I just wanted too ask you what you liked in the last missions and what you want to be in next,so wright your wishes,suggestions and other ideas in the comments!


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By Mimex

A very nice featured creation. :)

By lazywnch

Very nice. Looks authentic. Great feature!

By 5Stramlor31

It's quite obvious why this was featured, and I mean that as a compliment.

By Ivonne

Congratulation for Featured. :-)

By coolcoolhb

it looks like a badge... but great!

By 95screenname13

Superb logo, lovely design with the gold wings. R^^

By starfoth

awesome, i could use this as a gaprop, this is epic, awesome, and this is amazing.

By feb23

the Emblem looks alot like that wisdom jewel fom zelda OoT

By OutoOlio


By hotozi

OMG so awsome bro!! ya man u got it....R++

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