Armored Hardcore
Not rated

By Impious_Iron
12/08/2010 - 00:47:01

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.83 (Not rated)
Tags: armored core, beast, blader, impious_iron, mech, mecha, wapanese


EEEEEEEEURGH ARMORED CORE(EDIT: OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL THING? A feature star?! Oh lordy. Thank you so much Maxis. And thanks to everyone who has followed me this far, you guys are the best fans ever. And thanks to my downrater fanclub, who opened my eyes to the true nature of Spore and provided me a path to enlightenment. Okay, that's a little dramatic. But I don't think they know how much they have benefitted me, lol.)EDIT#2: Let this feature stand as a testament to the slaying of Excalibur, the hated Alt Chimera. I do not claim victory alone: This was the community's work. Let us bask in our victory, ladies and gentlemen. The Troll Queen would be a fool to come crawling back.EDIT AGAIN: And now she's back. :/ But who cares about all that drama? Feast your eyes upon this lovely mech. Subscribe to me for more quality creations, I aim to please.


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By mrblackpants

awesome mech!

By Mexanik

Wow! I wanna make something like that *---*

By zerble

Epic!!! However, I can't fly this in the space stage, why?

By binkiedontaskwhy

congratulations on the featrue!

By debries

Amazing!!! And I see spore's started, so I'm goint to view in editor ;D

By SuperMonkey97

soooo freakn awesome

By Gongasoso

What happens when one of your creations gets Realy downrated ? I mean, does it disappear from the public view ?

By Armogohma

Looks great! Totally earned the feature! I will instantly ally an empire that has THAT as its spaceship just to have it on my fleet :D

By ray4u

dude you are my spore hero!!! you are flipin amazin!!!!!!!

By wormelowtump

Epic, looks like a transformer.

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