Snow Job
Very good!

By Sevensins
12/08/2010 - 10:30:33

Type: Entertainment building
Rating: 25 (Very good!)
Tags: ansje, job, santa2010, sevensins, snow, snowjob


The winter wars are on! I have started a snowball fight and now here's a snow job.
Please check in editor.
I really had fun making this =)


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By josefinewest

Looks like they breath posion! XD

By K1ngR1chard

you should see my Frosty the hitman! that would count as a snowjob.lol


LOL!Great job!!! XD

By SugarRush99

Lol! Nice clothing and thanks for the comment! It's really nice to have them from someone as talented as you!


wow! violent lol, gotta get ofline now, bye!

By T3hPiti

I wish we were getting snow here, I want to go boarding soon! Great wok with this! (:

By Ansje

Very nice Sporecast! Excalibur has a very nice Frosty the snowman you can add also. Subscribed the SC btw :D

By WideWonder

And thank you for your very kind comments!! I'm going to add you to my list of Buddies this very minute! Let's be frudes!!!

By WideWonder

You're right: I love it!!! You are so imaginative and talented, Sevensins! Thank you for sharing!!

By Ansje

A video sneak preview is already on the topic since yesterday, you will like it, I think ;-)

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