Begginer concept
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By braze
01/08/2011 - 03:22:37

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.61 (Not rated)
Tags: braze, conceot, pallet


4 begginer ship makers or people who have trouble building ships.U guys are welcomed to take it apart.


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By HFM_Kentaro

Interesting, but I think more colors would be worth trying!

By Aladingenie


By 95James59


By Kahath

Hmmmm.... impressive... most impressive.

By nin99

FINALLY! I JUST REALIZED HOW YOU DO THAT! i used this, also, and as such, the "Zengantien ''Strike'' Class" fightercraft is fully opperationel.

By nin99

you'll be please to learn that i've made use of this, the "Zenganthien 'Strike' class fighter"

By buddy55555

Nice, very nice!

By atervirens

Dear lord, how long did you spend constructing this, my creations look nice, but comparred to this, they pale quite a lot.

By sirchancelot


By Ketchupman10

cool!! how did u make it so good?

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