Christmas Tree Delivery Service
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By brian575
12/01/2015 - 11:21:01

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.28 (Not rated)
Tags: brian575, challenge, christmas, pls feature, tree, winter


Even ultrapowerful extraterrestrial beings celebrate the holiday season. Warships meant for destruction are disarmed and used to deliver christmas trees.Alien empires throughout the galaxy put down their weapons and celebrate together. Merry Christmas!!!


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By brian575

Thank you for all the nice comments everyone! ^^

By Northern Lights

Added to my feature sporecast

By RogueDragoness

And merry Christmas to you, too. (And Le Congratz)

By RogueDragoness

That's funny! This proves inspiration can come from people hauling around Christmas trees on the top of their cars. AND IT'S WELL MADE. R+

By Zobblewobble2

Congratulations on getting this featured!

By Reblon

Oh don't worry Clark, a little tree water ain't gonna hurt 'em. Before we left he drank half a quart of pennzoil. Boy, when he lifted his leg the next mornin'.

By ChuckTheProphet

Looks like a fun, old-fashioned Griswold Family Christmas.

By Tenguman

This has a vague Star Wars look to it, and I like that about this.

By Nekodus

Very well made!

By Sexay

Congrats on the feature l3

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