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By 99pietro99
12/22/2015 - 18:50:55

Type: Military water vehicle
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Tags: 10, 99pietro99, admiral, aircraft, america, american, carrier, chester, commander, fleet, largest, lead, navy, nimitz, nimitz-class, nuclear-powered, pacific, service, ship, states, supercarrier, ten, united, usa, warship


The Nimitz-class supercarriers are a class of 10 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the USN.The lead ship of the class is named for WW2 USPF commander Fleet Admiral Chester W.Nimitz.They have been the largest warships built and in service.


By MarkTH14

R . amazing ship, and followed you :)

By 99pietro99

I never thought that I was able to create this ship,I'm so proud of me!

By SokumagarasDOD

Hey pietro. have you heard of this myterious plane project dubbed as the Lockheed SR91 Aurora? i made a rebuild using the Phantom images found on the internet. would be cool if this actually exists.

By exxon

Looks great!

By Galactic64

My favorite aircraft carrier :3

By SlappingMachine9

(del) Would you mind checking out some of my creations too? Sorry for advertising

By SlappingMachine9

Nice! You are very bad at making your creations bad! Which means they are good. Even great.

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