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By IronSyro
01/19/2016 - 01:01:07

Type: Military land vehicle
Rating: 0.3 (Not rated)
Tags: celyon, future, konrux, tank, walker


A konrux walker.


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By jancros

If you look in the front of it it looks like an eye with legs xD

By ChuckTheProphet

Resembles an AT-ST.

By jancros

it looks like the butt of an AT-AT walker

By MythicalMist

Awesome creation, congratz on another feature!

By GortTheGrox

Now this, this is deserving of a feature.

By exxon

Nice to see this get featured! It does look cool.

By HRmatthew

Congrats on the Feature! This definitely deserves it.

By SissyGamer

hey huge congrats on the feature! R+

By ilikecereal2

VERY nice, one of the best walkers I've ever seen on here, I love the paint and details, also congrats n getting featured! R+

By Slyggy

Simply beautiful. Very elegant and sleek design and paint job.

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