Magnetar Class Battlecruiser
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By lordFelwynn
03/16/2016 - 21:12:54

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.2 (Not rated)
Tags: federation, floating parts, lordfelwynn, spaceship, starship, war


Magnetar ships are the best known application of quantum levitation in starship engineering.
This technology provides a good weight/speed ratio and an incomparable versatility due to their attachable bays, generators, impulse engines or enhancers.


By UltimateBadAss

This is an awesome ship! Too bad you cant get different ship classes so this could be a battle cruiser or something.

By lordFelwynn

dinoman: a magnetar is actually a special type of neutron star that generates an extremely powerful magnetic field. It's as simple as that. ^^
Since the ship got magnetic floating parts, the name was quite obvious to me.

By dinoman7651

I know where Magentar came from. Right here: http://galaxyonfire.wikia.com/wiki/Magnetar_system

By MythicalMist

Very nice work on this ship. Congratz on the feature.

By typomazoku

Grats on the feature. It's definitely well earned with this epic looking ship!

By Strange-Gras

Congrats to the future o:

By DareWrek

Great ship!

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