Maintenance Tomorrow
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By TheKatsos
08/29/2016 - 20:57:23

Type: Spaceship
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Spore.com was down on the 1st of September 2016 for a few hours.
For more information go to this thread:

******If you are still having issues, you can POST problems in the Help section of the sporum:

******or CONTACT Maxisbazajaytee via private message on the Sporum here:
**No questions or concerns will be able to be addressed from here. as I am NOT an administrator. However, seek help on the Sporum; and we/they will usually be able to help you fix the problem or direct you to someone who can.


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By TheKatsos

Questions and concerns will not be able to be addressed here in the comment section. Please check the description

By mustangshanny

I have the same problem as angel.

By 96037

Server does not seem to be connecting..I got in for a little bit today and now it wont connect at all..

By krcmar

I thought you guys gave up indefinitely..

By Angel101113

Anyone know why I can't login into spore servers inside the game?

By DareWrek

I slept right through it

By MaxisBazajaytee

Maintenance is complete.

By ChainsawDoggie

Not again....well thanks for telling me anyway! :3

By Mook68

Oh god.


10/10 best feature to date

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