Trabant 601

By Halopro895
04/23/2020 - 04:06:41

Type: Economic land vehicle
Rating: 9 (Good)
Tags: 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, 601, berlin wall, communism, ddr, duroplast, east germany, german, germany, halopro895, p601, saloon, trabant, trabant 601, trabant p601


The Trabant 601 was a small 2-stroke 2 cylinder 26 HP car produced in East Germany from 1964-1990. Its outershell was made of a plastic material called Duroplast, a combination of cotton fiber and resin. Trabants are notriously slow and unluxurious.


By Halopro895

No interior on this one, but it has much better detail on the outside. Might do a remake of more cars I made in the past in a similar way.

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