Zeta alliance flag
Not rated

By sammywhiskers
08/24/2021 - 20:44:04

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 2.5 (Not rated)
Tags: alphagecko1, astra, di-lik, ecoverse, nekrunter


By R13426

Well actually unlike other animals it turns out alligators and crocodiles literally keep growing as long as they live so their size is only limited by lifespan. Did you hear about that one exceptionally old and large crocodilian in the news recently that

By R13426

(Delete) just a completely random question but are there any of my creatures/sapients you would consider a missed opportunity? Like ones that could be really interesting if I only did this or that differently in their design? Lol

By R13426

Neat lol I kinda wish alphagecko1 was still active, they were just starting to contribute some really interesting Ecoverse stuff

By R13426

(Delete) Tbh I'm not familiar with the Zeta alliance lol who all is part of it?

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