Palm Cockatoo
Not rated

By 321Aerobird
11/27/2021 - 04:05:58

Type: Creature
Rating: 3.21 (Not rated)
Tags: 321aerobird, ave, big, bird, black, call, cockatoo, crest, drum, female, male, palm, parrot, red, request, suggestion


Probosciger aterrimus
A large cockatoo part of the Cacatuidae family. This species is one of the largest parrots in the world and has a large beak. Males and females look alike except the male has a larger beak and is bigger in size.
Want to Learn More About this Bird: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_cockatoo
IRL: The bird to have more feathers on the crest and eye is to be black in color. Beak and feet are supposed to be black.
ATTENTION: You may use this creation, but please keep 321Aerobird in the tags to give credit.
Requested by Looooooo0gan. Sorry about the long wait for the bird.


DNA points
43 Bones2 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Omnivore
Health: +3
10 %
94 %
7 / 20
3 / 20
10 / 15

By R13426

May I please request a sulfur crested cockatoo?

By slither2000

hi so um can you make well please make huggy wuggy i realy want to see a amazing one btw your creatures are top of the level good

By alcamie

Wow! This is awesome! R++

By R13426

Cassowary, Wilson?s bird of paradise, peregrine falcon, blue jay, hoatzin, lorikeets, orange bellied parrots and kingfishers

By R13426

Was just randomly looking at interesting birds online so take your pick if you want to make any of these since I like all of them:

By R13426

Aaaaaaand that?s how one blows Spore?s previous best palm cockatoo completely out of the water lol

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