Bird Contest is Announced

By 321Aerobird
01/06/2022 - 04:52:28

Type: House building
Rating: 7.5 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


Welcome to the 22Bird Contest! Idea from 7brother7.
I will be judging the competition.
Here are the rules:
1. The creature must be a bird or bird-like in nature. The bird can be based off a real bird or be fictional.
2. It has to have a beak,
two legs, 1 pair of wings, 1 pair of eyes, and a feathered-like tail.
3. CAN use the expansions: Exoskeleton Limbs and Creepy and Cute in the bird creation(s). Please DON'T include the Dr. Pepper Robots pack or Galactic Adventures in the creation(s).
4. Can use sharable mods on the bird creation(s). NO unsharable mods to be included.
5. TWO entrees per creator.
6. Must be made from scratch. NO using other creators' templates.
7. Include coloration on the bird(s).
8. A small description would be nice to include for your bird.
9. The DUTE DATE is so far is 1-14-22 or January 14, 2022. The date can be extended if needed or due to a lack of creations. When the due date is set no entries will be accepted after the date itself.
10. You NEED to have "22bird contest" in the tags. Make it easier for me to find the creations.
11. Have fun with the contest!


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By slither2000


By 321Aerobird

Or I could consider both creations for that one place.

By 321Aerobird

@slither2000, I am going to allow the creator to get one place. So three creators will be allowed to get a place. I will choose the better bird creation of the two for the place.

By slither2000

umm so the bird contest so what if the creator makes to creations can they get first and second place?

By 7brother7

I did submit my designs, the Molten Eagle and Caladrius!

By 7brother7

Thank you so much!

By 321Aerobird

I am happy you guys are enjoying the contest. I may upload another creation like this to see if anyone would be interested in submitting their bird creation.

By 321Aerobird

Alongside the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place a bird will be given (like a trophy.) to each creator that gained that place. I will upload them after the results are given on a separate upload of this creation here.

By 321Aerobird

ANNOUNCEMENT: Looks like there will be plenty of entries that are coming in for the 22Bird Contest. The Due Date is for the contest is officially set for January 14, 2021, which is a Friday.

By 1_That_Guy_1

This is a great contest. Im liking all the snazzy birds so far

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