Ask Prince Arctic
Not rated

By AuroraDragoness
01/15/2022 - 03:46:32

Type: Spaceship
Rating: -1 (Not rated)


Arctic: You may ask me whatever..........................But don't waste my time with boring nonsense.


By spksoulja

Okapi: It can... become to life, if you Boop the Thing's nose

By AuroraDragoness

Arctic: What does this do!??

By spksoulja

Okapi: *gives a Animus enchanted item made by Herself to Arctic*

By alcamie

Vulcana: Umm,, Greetings Prince Arctic... I was wondering, if I may; wHaT wAs tHe nIgHt rEaLlY aBoUt?!! Please tell me you really hurt that yellow and black striped- {BEEEEP!}!

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