The Lost World Of The Gods Arc 3
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By Pokemonkab
04/08/2022 - 21:22:39

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0.1 (Not rated)
Tags: 137c, obscure, plzvote, portal, reflectiverse, return, shadowrex, unleashedseries


Part 137D: An Investigation At Mixlopykatt Has Brought Frank, Kuso, Doku, And Chonaru Into A Land Where Good Is Evil And Evil Is Good: The Reflectiverse! To Escape, They Must Fight Old Foes And Make Old Friends.......



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By Evie222

Heyy! Maxis still has people working on the Spore website! And I think adding new Maxis creatures!

By Ackoli12

Who is still making things feautured?

By creater555

you got featured!

By 1_That_Guy_1

Congrats on the feature!!!!!

By williezk

bruh how did this get featured

By Pokemonkab

Thank you for all the effort you have given to make this possible...even though this is from the craziest of TLWOTG's three arcs! Plus, it gives me one of the rarest achievements...BESTSELLER!

By Pokemonkab

Yes....we have done the impossible. Maxis has featured this adventure today, and I do believe...this is the first time an Unleashedseries has ever ended up on the front page news!

By fungus3

Obscure....more like FEATURED

By Pokemonkab

So Frank has chickened out of the Reflectiverse, having just inspired fungus3 to build a new unleashedseries, and in the midnight hours you'll see a MEGA EPISODE OF MEGA PROPORTIONS as the VOTES DROP THE HAMMER!

By Pokemonkab

Wait a minute, on second thought....we've fixed the pendulum early! And it's pointing towards....funningly enough, Soshamba!

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