Taz Ma's Seeker

By Meelnur
06/22/2022 - 23:49:07

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 20 (Good)
Tags: contest, i am morbspeed, meelnur, sporechives


The Pirate Queen of Orfan space, Taz Ma, has long been an observer of the Epsilon Grand Prix, but this year, thanks to a few greased hands, she will be racing in it herself. She brings to this year's race the fastest ship in her collection: The Seeker. Lifted from a wealthy Forseralon by her second lieutenant, Tuug, she trusts her Seeker to send her over the finish line before anyone has any idea what hit them.


By RG4327

Fantastic work, the design looks really bulky and strong. Definitely a monster of a machine! Rplus

By Commando2319

So cool design!

By dragonion0724

*Rplus, idk why the plus symbol is working for some people and not for others.

By dragonion0724

morbspeed. R



By Gonever

looks really exotic R+

By Gonzalo218

Nice work crafting the main hull shape! The two large ventral fins complement the overall shape as well, and give the ship a nice weight balance.

By Andfin

Sleek design, I particularly appreciate the blue detail in the front. Easily R+ :)

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