Starhunter Interceptor (Racer)


By SpodeDudeReturns
06/23/2022 - 03:18:23

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 7.5 (Good)
Tags: 2022, complex, contest, detailed, epsilon grand prix, fighter, freedom, interceptor, over complexity limit, space, spaceship, starfighter


A robust and powerful starfighter, capable of taking on a squadron of Grox ships on its lonesome in the hands of a skilled pilot. It's fearsome speed lends itself to racing competitions as well in an unarmed configuration shown here. (Contest version)


By Gonzalo218

alternatively, you can wait for the official 2022 sporecast for the contest and anything with the right tags will be added to it

By Gonzalo218

Thanks! nice work here, I believe you can find more info on the sporechives discord

By SpodeDudeReturns

Also, the competitors this craft represents is a gang of mercenaries known as the Starhunters, which aren't consisting of only one species but rather anyone who is found worthy to be a part of it.

By SpodeDudeReturns

My first entry for the Epsilon Grand Prix contest. Went in blind for this, since I couldn't find the contest information for the life of me. This is also the first creation where I /really/ went over the complexity limit using freedom.

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