Echo of Recurring Infinity
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By Miikka64
08/06/2022 - 20:08:32

Type: House building
Rating: 0.94 (Not rated)
Tags: gaprop


"How old is Miikka64's galaxy? Would you believe me if I told you it is ageless - without real end or beginning? A complete loop that has repeated more times than there are numbers to describe?"

"The cycles repeat themselves, and without outside interference they would remain the same... Yet someone IS interfering. Someone who wishes to put an end to the vicious circle - at the cost of ending everything else as well."

"To end something that has no real beginning or end... It breaks the laws of reality. Such a tremendous task would require chaos on a multiversal level - a chain reaction of indescribable magnitude and unheard precision. Each version of our home galaxy erased at the same exact moment in every single universe... It is impossible to do that. Yet, 'he' has the means to do it - the one above the Creators... And the only thing keeping 'him' from ending all of existence is the Master."

"Yet the Master's own plan isn't without its downsides... As his wish for our world is the exact opposite of the Creators' mastermind: one endless eternity - one infinite cycle. Not a loop but a linear line. At face value it sounds great... But there are certain things that should be allowed to end."



Does that mean you are reborn to live the same life in each cycle? If so can one become preconitive;by actualy having memories from previous cycles.If so are we in a "Matrix" ?

By Benjami

Itâs a tough one. Still, either is probably better than no eternity. But then again, what do I know? Gorgeous statue though.

By Benjami

It is an interesting philosophical conundrum. A linear eternity can be good, but if it goes bad, it may never be good again. A looping eternity can fix the bad of previous cycle, but it does mean also destroying the good of previous cycles.

By Meelnur

Beautiful as usual R+

By Liskomato

Not to mention "sundered" timelines, whole species being erased to the Void, and last but not least, a new Creator being born every cycle. When thinking of this, it's no wonder the Chainbreaker would want to end it all.

By Liskomato

I find the idea of your galaxy being infinite in form of a timeloop very interesting. Just how many times has Scifi's story repeated, for example?


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