Shadow of the Reflacted
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By fungus3
09/27/2022 - 16:37:12

Type: Story adventure
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Part 17A:
Upon travelling through Chimervi's Reflectiverse Portal, the group finds themselves in a large yellow hub of some sort. Will they be ready for what is up ahead?



By Pokemonkab

It's gonna be alright...you just need to be patient. I did not delay it on purpose...I need time and time to make sure these episodes don't look like rushed part 93Bs. Plus, the Vault was the only episode I had planned today. Forgive me.....

By Pokemonkab

No, it's OK, I can cut it, you can wait a day, right?

By Pokemonkab

Well, I was going to make a Crystals Of Olympus episode, but just in pity for you, for everything that happened to you this month, I am specially changing tomorrow to the Gateway Of The Eclispe just for you! >_0

By fungus3

Your move, kab of the Pokemon.


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