Yellow Warbler (Male)

By 321Aerobird
01/25/2023 - 03:53:16

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Setophaga petechia (There are many subspecies of this bird so I based it off the Northern version)
DISTRIBUTION: breeds in most areas of North America, lives year round in some areas (islands) and winters in most southern parts of North America and northern parts of South America.
DIET: caterpillars, wasps, mayflies, mosquitoes, beetles, damselflies, treehoppers, other insects, larvae of insects, spiders, berries and other invertebrates
INFO: This colorful vibrant warbler is part of the Parulidae Family that which consists of the Ovenbird, Warblers, Waterthrush, Yellowthroat and Whitestart. All of these birds are New World Warblers which are songbirds that tend to be colorful (not all colorful.) This species exhibits sexual dimorphism. The male is brighter in plumage with yellow, red streaks on the parts of the throats/chest, a black beak and orange legs/feet. The female is duller with a drabby yellow on top, a brighter yellow on the bottom, a black beak and orange legs/feet. The juvenile looks like the female.
BREEDING: A small cup nest is made in a tree with the female doing more of the building and keeping the nest in good shape. The female will lay 3-6 eggs, incubate the eggs and brood the chicks. The male will guard the site and provide food to the female. Both parents will feed the chicks.
SOUNDS: Song sounds like ?sweet, sweet, sweet, I?m so sweet? though the song can vary between different populations of the American Yellow Warbler. Call-?chip? or ?chip?, hissing calls are given in defense of territory. Other types of calls are given.
SOURCE(S): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_yellow_warbler
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DNA points
38 Bones2 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Omnivore
Health: +3
11 %
100 %
8 / 20
5 / 20
10 / 15
4 / 53 / 55 / 5
0 / 52 / 54 / 5
4 / 50 / 51 / 5
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