RAH-1000H Phantom
Very good!

By Gonzalo218
01/24/2023 - 16:48:56

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 22.5 (Very good!)
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The RAH-1000H, codenamed 'Phantom', is the pinnacle of Rakza's weapons technology, and exemplifies their unrivalled expertise in the field of energy weaponry. All hyperfighters developed in the 37th century draw heavy inspiration from the mother of all 37th century hyperfighters - the Radicals' Phantasm, but each one of them differs in design philosophy and specialization. Arsene's Aeolus is the undisputed king of maneuverability, totally dominant in one-on-one combat, and Stellar Dynamics' Quasar flaunts unparalleled battlefield survivability thanks to its regenerative hull plating. Rakza's Phantom, on the other hand, is a machine designed to cause as much carnage and destruction as possible, and promptly remove from existence anything unfortunate enough to come between it and its objective.

The Phantom comes with an arsenal equivalent in potency to those of corvettes and light warships. This, combined with the fact that the fighter still features excellent speed and agility, essentially allows it to single-handedly contend with battleships and even small fleets - in true David versus Goliath fashion. The Phantom's killer sling and stone are, in its case: a complement of four rapid-fire pulse laser emitters at the front, four large anti-warship energy cannons on the side, and a pair of immense rotary cannons that fire antimatter-tipped shells the size of a human forearm - at a rate of 80 rounds per second. A payload of 2400 rounds means that the pilot has only 30 seconds of firing time, but they generally won?t need to keep the trigger down for long. This deadly pair of cannons eat through just about any defensive system they?re put up against, and are known to be so utterly loud that when fired in an environment that passes sound, the demonic screech they produce can render victims deaf and induce panic attacks. If the cannons and laser emitters were somehow not enough, the Phantom still has its normal missiles left to finish off any stragglers on the battlefield. Even with only six examples ever built, it is easy to see why those on the Radicals? side developed a fear of this monster machine toward the end of the Corporate War.


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By Flail_Patriot

The bolted plating is based on Colonel Miller radiation suit in Metro Exodus, except his plate is on the chest

By Flail_Patriot

In The Surge 2 there is an armor set called Liquidator, and its for dangerous environments

By Flail_Patriot

No particular reason for the name, just a soldier with gas mask and breathing tanks, not meant to be a real liquidator

By Flail_Patriot

just checked out in editor, absolutely fabulous guns and textures

By MarkTH14

so is there a way to play out the complexity meter?

By Flail_Patriot

complexity is a lie, epic thou

By PoliceOfficer07

I still love that you are active!

By Mavor

That is the most overpowered pair of chopsticks I have ever seen.:)

By Gonzalo218

Please view the original in the lineage if possible!

By Gonzalo218

This is a severely compromised and lore-inaccurate representation of the Phantom, a victim of Spore's complexity limits

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