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  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher / Firefox 2.0 or higher / Google Chrome / Any other navigator that supports OpenSearch
    To install, select one of the following links. You can install both, if you wish:

    Install and view the results in Spore.com
    Install and view the results in Sporistics
  • Internet Explorer 6
    IE6 doesn't have fast search fields, it's impossible to install this add-on on this navigator. However, the Google toolbar allows custom searches. Install the Google toolbar and read the instructions below.
  • Opera / Navigator with Google toolbar / Any navigator that supports custom searches
    To install it in Opera or in a navigator with Google toolbar, click with the right button over one of the following fields and select 'Create search' or 'Generate custom search':


  • This Add-on is used to search for creations, users or Sporecasts of the Sporepedia. It shows the results in Spore.com or in Sporistics. Sporecasts search is only available in Spore.com.
  • If you use Spore.com search engine, you can add the prefix 'sc:' in order to do a Sporecasts search. For example, if you search 'sc:adventures', you will be shown a list of Sporecasts that contains the keyword 'adventures'.
  • The search engine allows URLs searching. If you know an URL of an image of a creation of the Sporepedia, you can put it on the field, and you will be redirected to the creation's file. For example, if you search 'http://www.spore.com/static/image/500/002/636/500002636196_lrg.png', you will be redirected to the creature's file. In most browsers, this can be done clicking over the image and dragging it to the search field.

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