Not rated

By lildude88
12/18/2009 - 23:09:09

Type: Colonial land vehicle
Rating: -1 (Not rated)


if you have a mascot or charactor, please make him in pajamas for my adventure. uprate this so more people can make a pj guy.Also, can someone tell me if anyone has been stealing my creations?


By bigbear629

hmmm, could you give em pjs? because mine usualy dont were clothes. now that I think of it, the k girls probably should start wearing clothes.

By krytogrl2009

If your still adding people, I just made Frog in his P'Js for your adventure.

By Chezerony1

Ok I will make larry. Barry, Bobby, Kitty,lil peng, and maybe Wyecry's mascots. They should be finished by Sunday!

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