The Night Before Christmas 22

By st888
12/24/2009 - 22:18:48

Type: Entertainment building
Rating: 27.5 (Good)
Tags: christmas, clement clarke moore, poem, representation, santa, series, st888, stocking, twas the night before christmas


He spoke not a word,but went straight to his work,And filled all the stockings;then turned with a jerk,


By madnug

REally well made! :D

By Reyes1

terrific christmas stocking

By CopperLou

Excellent work! Great stocking. R++

By d-rob604

great stocking

By itsglenn

ill have to check them all out :D

By itsglenn

another great verse, and creation to go with it :)

By DizzyBiz

Fantastic! You worked your tail off for this adventure, and I truly hope it's a smashing success!! Merry Christmas! And thank you for your comment on my gift to Sfinx95, it was his color template I used :D

By UltimateZob

nice stocking. R+

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