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By lorinflintrox
03/15/2010 - 00:55:40

Type: Entertainment building
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Tags: lorinflintroxeastercontest


easter is comming up, so for this contest, i want you to make something easter related. like the easter rabbit or an easter egg.it can be in any editor. tag your creation with "lorinflintroxeastercontest" and comment here! ends easter night at midnight. for more info go here: http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/0/52673.page#1966373


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By Dusty67Malibu

I made Betty Bunny for your contest.

By mew4228

Yay!! Im gonna enter!!

By DizzyBiz

Thank you so much! I'm happy you like the Egg entry. I'm sure I'll have another entry for you soon. :)

By DizzyBiz

I was hoping to get my Fancy Easter Egg entered before you picked up Hoppy. Sorry! :)

By DizzyBiz

I made another entry for your contest :) This one is Hoppy Easter Bunny. Thanks!

By DizzyBiz

I made an entry - it's called 'Easter Chick'. Thanks!

By crazyizzy

check out bounce! I made for the contest.

By MrMand

I made an entry :). It's my creature Easter Bunny Painting Egg.(And no I didn't copy the idea from Antarctisas. It was only inspired by my building for the other easter contest I participate in.)

By MrMand

I wantd to build more easter creations, I hope I find the time to do so. I will enter If I 'm able to make something in time. Maybe you just need more advertising? JoeDev is just lucky, because he asked me first ;).

By Sekopää

I will make entry. :)

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