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By world_piece
10/30/2010 - 19:35:39

Type: Military land vehicle
Rating: 0.3 (Not rated)
Tags: announcement, creations, grumman, queue, world piece, world_piece


***Note: This is NOT a comeback creation***Hello all. I know it's been almost 3 months since I uploaded anything. Truth is I got Spore working a few weeks ago but never got the drive to make anything except this 'Grumpman' you see. I'm letting you all know that I will be sharing some things in the coming days. These creations are whatever is left in my queue that was fairly stacked before my game crashed. Some may be incomplete and/or may lack descriptions. Basically what you see is what you get. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. That is the purpose of Spore, yes? Let the nubwads have their MPN, their internet fame and their ability to manipulate others. I only urge you all to not allow yourself to manipulated by the likes of these people. Also, just because the creator specializes in cute, DOES NOT MAKE THAT CREATOR A NICE PERSON. Don't be fooled. ~ Piece out


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By Master Joblo

That is correct. Spore is pretty much outdated and people are leaving the community. Farewell, WP, and I hope we meet again.

By Prototype00

Well it is good to see you again, I know what you mean about people who manipulate as well, as a result I try and stay away from the spore community .

By Jadynna

Hope those packages are for me, Ah , just kidding!! :)

By Jadynna

because the day is nearer than they think, when Spore will be no more. DarkSpore will reign, ugh! Like I said, miss you!!!!!RRR

By Jadynna

look forward to your return, what tey may not know is the future of Spore may be just what you have been doing, sharing

By Jadynna

Have missed you a your creatio ns a writing.Your presence here makes a difference.Though you may not know it , it does, Many

By BongoBongo123

well whether it isn´t a comeback nice to see you back xD !! and cool creation ! waiting for more :D

By antipyrene

Love the cab and falling boxes

By cdk451

Awesome Truck.

By GammaGames

The first place I saw this was in the editor! Its cool!

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