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By Halopro895
03/05/2018 - 03:07:47

Type: Military land vehicle
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Tags: classic who, dalek, daleks, davros, destiny of the daleks, doctor who, exterminate, fourth doctor, genesis of the daleks, halopro895, harry sullivan, kaled, michael wisher, nyder, ronson, sarah jane smith, skaro, tardis, terry nation, thal, tom baker


Based on his appearance in Genesis of the Daleks, Davros is a Kaled Scientist who created the Daleks. Davros removed anything he deemed uneccessary, leading to them becoming ruthless cyborgs. Davros lost his legs and left arm in a bombing incident.


By sefmonsta

You got his face just right with vehicle parts!

By lolpeople72

Amazing Davros! R

By DaCrazyChameleon

This is great, Davros is one of my favourite DW villains, next to the Cybermen and the Master. R+

By gtm00

Please Maxis feature the awesome creations! There's lots of creations that deserve to be featured (message for Maxis)

By Remmington12

hol tf up how did this get featured
i'm not j-jealous or anything and it is good, but gee how did they find it in the first place

By gtm00


By CreepingTerror

Congrats on the listing !!!

By Creeper1212


By CreepingTerror

nicely done and great Bio... !!!
... Always liked the Daleks !

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