By Ge1iON
10/10/2020 - 15:49:50

Type: House building
Rating: 25 (Good)
Tags: 8 bit, among us, impostor, meme, pixel art, red


Or not?

Impostor or not an impostor, that is the question...


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By LucasTheGreatYT

Red kinda sus. The Among Us memes say it.

By NovaraptorJPEG

I can't believe I've been offline on spore for SO LONG. I'm finally back, guys!

By Flashwing3899

Congrats on most popular creation

By Mavor

Welcome back!

By AJRobinson52

Should we vote red or skip anybody?

By Lilcloudofsparkz


By meankryll

He do be kinda sus, but I'll R+

By 00armageddon124

Bro we lost...I Told you a guy can't go from eletrical to medbay so fast! GG though just Coming back here to vote on this creation

By Shiba95

Red is clearly the imposter, he says "Shhhh!" everytime the round starts. Thats pretty suspicious! This pixel art gets my vote though, great job! R+

By bigitaliancox

Yes this is awesome!

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