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Sporistics is a web application that allows you to navigate through the Sporepedia in a simple and fast way. It offers some tools that can be very useful for Spore's players:

  • Creature details: With Sporistics, you can consult the characteristics of any creature of the Sporepedia. Just go to his page (typing his ID number, for example), and you'll see a list of all its features, below the description. His diet, his height, his skills ... All you need to know.
  • Creature analyzer: If the details of the creature are not enough, you can go to the section 'Analysis', accessible from the creature's page. In this section you will see a detailed list of all the components that make up the creature, skin color and, if your browser allows, a three-dimensional simulation of the creation.
  • List of subscribers: Do you want to know who are subscribed to your creations? Write your username (or the username of any other player) in the corresponding field on the left, and select 'See profile'. After a moment, it will show the list of subscribers of the user, below the list of subscriptions.
  • Comparison of achievements: Write in the fields on the left the names of two users whose achievements you want to compare, and you'll see a detailed list of all achievements, achieved and not achieved, by both users.

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