Tunnel maze 7 (second edition)
Not rated

By Vaposhka
03/06/2017 - 15:37:16

Type: Collect adventure
Rating: 0.02 (Not rated)
Tags: 2016, 2017, 7, air, bug fixes, cold, fire, flying, full, ice, jump, jumping, lava, maze, second edition, seven, tunnel, vaposhka, water, wings


New episode is coming to the "tunnel maze" series.
In these adventures you'll need to find objects in the maze... ...TUNNEL MAZE!
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There are four mazes and you have a unique opportunity to pass them all!You need no wings to win!



By ThegasCreator

Yes, I got the top score! Great adventure, though the exit to the snow maze isn't in act 4.

By Tenguman

An adventure that doesn?t need wings, eh? Neat

By gtm00

Congratulations on featuring!

By Vaposhka

Lot's of bugs are fixed in this version, but if you had some problems, leave a comment!

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