Eaten! / Analysis

By ericDartist
09/10/2009 - 13:51:27

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 31.37 (Perfect!)

Basic info
Win message:
You made it, and no questions need to be raised, especially on HOW you got out.
Lose message:
You've been digested, satisfying a monster's appetite.
ACT 1 :   My, what big teeth you have.
CRASH! What's happening? Oh no!
ACT 2 :   Esssoff O'Gus
Well, you've been eaten. No turning back, either. Keep going down this throat.
ACT 3 :   Digestive Gland
Those glands look dangerous. Keep away.
ACT 4 :   Stomach
Uh oh. Stomach acid! Quick, move to the next part of the digestive tract.
ACT 5 :   GastroPolice
White Blood Cells? They don't take kindly to things that survive the stomach.
ACT 6 :   Squeedlyskooch
I'm not sure what type of organ this is, but don't fall in the pits!
ACT 7 :   Intestinoids
This should be it. Just this loooong tubey organ and you should be home free!
ACT 8 :   the End
I think you've made it, just wait for your ship to find you.
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