Happy New Year!
Very good!

By Sevensins
12/31/2010 - 15:51:28

Type: Factory building
Rating: 21 (Very good!)
Tags: happy, hug, new, sevensins, year


Happy New Year Spore! Here's a big new years hug to all my friends and buddies!
This is much better seen in the editor, as usual. =) These scenes are so fun to make!


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By Berbert77

Hello sevensis!! happy to hear from you! :-) and thanks a lot for your comm! :-)

By ilikrabbits

Where have you been? Off to school work? I guess????

By tuinahvuni

And Happy Belated New Year to you too :) Sorry I haven't been around to comment much, the TT contest is keeping me on my toes!

By Kreaturnator

Happy New Year to you as well! How sweet!

By Wonny3SW

Cool,looks great and a happy new year !

By ilikepieisay

Happy new year:) its my dads Bday

By ExcaIibur

Awesome work on this. Very cool little scene. R+ Happy New Year! :)

By Triplerubik

Brilliant! Happy new year!

By techno605

Excellent work R+ and Happy new year:)

By Pezzalis

Happy new year to you to :]

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