Geodesic House w mezz 3
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Por Sevensins
13/06/2011 - 00:02:53

Tipo: Edificio de casa
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Tags: dome, geodesic, go inside, house, prop, sevensins


Hey peeps! It's been a while eh?
Here is something I'm contemplating for a house. I'll start by building a shed first though =)
The green on top would/should be grass.
It's a prop so you can enter.


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Por Mabao

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Por alanw


Por tomographics

Thanks for the comment!

Por techno605

Strange that it doesn't work for you! Try copy and pasting the file in a couple spore folders!

Por Mushroomking1

It's not like the design's any less unique, either, it's fantastic shape- R'd++

Por Mushroomking1

Mmh, love the fact that it's enterable, rarely ever see that kind of building

Por 2006gogo

This is an amazing creation! Thanks for the info, but I heard there is no more featuring so u might wanna look into that.

Por techno605

I have the DVD mod uploaded at mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?2j9ttmvymxy You can trust it as i uploaded it myself! Make sure you put the file inside the data folder thats within the SPORE_EP1 folder.

Por smook123

Really cool building. I wish I had one of these somewhere. Again, very cool. R+

Por Berbert77

Welcome back sevensis!!! superb architecture!!! perfect for an ecological adventure!!! :-)

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