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By SissyGamer
12/19/2015 - 21:34:12

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0.18 (Not rated)
Tags: dounttron, sissygamer, usc


The X-11 is a powerful spacebuild that can be as large as a planet's core, it mostly leads large raids of smaller ships and can abliterate anything it goes through, it can fit over 1,000 species inside with many rooms including the experimentation room.


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By julius2401

Congrats for the feature!

By DrCarp

Awesome work! Also, "experimentation room?" ...Ohhh myyyyy...what a lovely thought that is, eh?

By Strange-Gras

oh this is a old feature... why this is at the frontpage? :P

By MythicalMist

Congrats on the feature ^_^

By typomazoku

Congrats on the feature!

By DareWrek

Wow! You got a feature

By frogies

Feel terrible.

By frogies

Welp. You just got featured. Congrats. I only have one feature. ;_;

By Strange-Gras

wow haha :D

By RG4327

Gefeliciteerd met je feature :D (congrats on your feature)

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