Guardian Custode
Not rated

By Halopro895
06/20/2019 - 05:24:34

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 0 (Not rated)
Tags: ai, ancient, blue team, chief, cortana, created, fireteam osirus, forerunner, guardian, guardian custode, guardians, halo, halo 5, halopro895, jameson locke, locke, mantle of responsiblity, master chief, the created


Guardian Custodes, also known a simply Guardians, are giant ancient constructs used by the Forerunners to police worlds. Now in use by Cortana's Created, they do the same, annihilating any who oppose her offer of imperial peace and rule.


By superscrungus

much as i hate h5's story, guardians are some sexy bois and you did real good on this one!

By AtomicDude

Glad to see someone still playing l3

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