I'm Back

By Halopro895
04/08/2020 - 04:00:22

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 12 (Good)
Tags: halopro895, im back, return, sunglasses, sup, terminator joke, terminator refference


After 9 months, I'm back. Things have been busy over the course of those months, a as a result I kept putting it off, especially after the RP died. But I'm back a ready for the next chapter in my Spore career. What's next? I can't guess, but we'll find out


By R13426

Spore generally seems to be short on high quality truly alien architecture lol

By R13426

Although I?ve never played Halo the Covenant buildings and vehicles look cool and Spore seems to not have too many high quality ones. Perhaps you could make some of those?

By Ge1iON

It's great! Apparently this game does not let anyone go!) I also returned after 5 years. :D I wonder who will be next?)

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