Tiger Skull

By ghostinblue
09/18/2021 - 21:19:10

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 22.5 (Good)
Tags: bones, gaprop, ghostinblue, skull, tiger, ubd


STILL ALIVE! Turned 18 on the 15th of July so thats real cool! Hab this rushed tiger skull :3 I admit its not the best looking Tiger skull but I felt like doing something!


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By alcamie

(reply: Yw!)

By MilkyTheDragon

Nice skull! Maybe create an elephant one owo R+

By gtm00

And I think in the video was of past things, that should be reported anyway.

By gtm00

Honestly that?s bad I?m non-stop harassed by a stalker and refuses to quit harassing me in all the platforms.

By gtm00

I don?t know what to say...

By williezk

Niiice, I?ve been drawing skulls myself for class, so this is extra cool. R+

By LucasTheGreatYT

Great job on the skull, keep it up! R+

By DomDom97

Damn this looks great.

By alcamie

Wow, cool!

By Artificial_Evo

You could use this in an adventure for sure. Great work!

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