By Meelnur
03/19/2023 - 08:32:15

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 3.06 (Good)
Tags: meelnur, ship


"Why do you perform this penance?"


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By Diavologist

the colors and the shape are stunning!

By casquivana

The lines and subtle lights on this ship... you really don't stop putting on heat xD R++


Oh I also upvoted and downloaded this creation.

By Darthra

Thanks for the comments, this one looks sick!

By DoxNotch

This is straight up one of the best spaceships I've ever seen

By 321Aerobird

The ship looks very sleek and has a nice coat of paint. R+

By Meelnur

Thank you Zeal, nice to see you around again!

By Meelnur

@Gonzalo218 thanks man, I look forward to that!

By SpiritOfZeal

Epic design! I love the choice of colors too.

By Gonzalo218

It seems like you've been churning out a lot of great spaceships lately! If you're aware of it, I look forward to seeing you in this years' Epsilon Grand Prix contest.

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