Volaton Cargo
Very good!

By casquivana
04/04/2023 - 21:48:45

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 25.71 (Very good!)


"From point A to point B - hassle free! - that's the Volaton guarantee."


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By casquivana

Thanks 321Aerobird!!

By 321Aerobird

@casquivana, great work on the ship!

By casquivana

Thanks SpiritOfZeal! Glad you like it :)

By casquivana

Thanks Gonzalo! Yeah I half-based it on a picture I saw of a Right Whale on National Geographic: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/facts/right-whales

By casquivana

Thanks Meelnur!! Yeah after a quick Google search I definitely see the resemblence to some Skyland ships haha

By SpiritOfZeal

I like the bulky design on this, very unique!

By Gonzalo218

Nice work! the unique shape is certainly the highlight here, it almost looks like an aquatic creature. Great work on the rugged detailing too.

By Meelnur

And that emblem is really cool, nice touch R+

By Meelnur

Also I love the top heavy looking ships, reminds of some from an old show called skyland.

By Meelnur

Oh not even close, these dang robits... I just like the way they turned out haha

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